NEWSLETTER No. 60 - August 2013
What a great start to the month of August we had with our “Bring & Share” gathering at the home of Pastors Andrew & Wendy. With the temperatures nudging into the forties, we have stopped our home groups for the summer months, and so are having a social time of fellowship in different venues and with different themes. The pastor's finca, both house and garden, were full to capacity as we enjoyed an evening of good conversation and good food. Pastor Andrew rounded off the evening by bringing a short word, and we look forward to more events during the month.

Continuing on this theme, we gathered at Will's villa on the following Thursday, where we were all invited to bring our own food to cook on the BBQ. It was a blessing to be joined by Stuart, Sue and their daughter Anna who are holidaying in the area. A great evening of fun, fellowship and Christian conversation. These meetings are a great opportunity to get to know each other, and to discover where each of us stands in our walk with the Lord.

Many of you reading this newsletter must think that living here in Spain, our whole life revolves around sunshine and good food. But the Lord has placed us here for a purpose, and to achieve His will for our lives we must adapt to the environment He has placed us in. I am sure that we are all so grateful to him for the beautiful part of His creation that we find ourselves living in, but we never lose sight of the fact that we are the hands and feet, the tools, that He intends to use in this part of His creation to bring the good news of the love of Jesus to the Spanish people.

On the following Saturday a large number of us gathered at Elliot's restaurant in Bolnuevo where we enjoyed a great full English breakfast before crossing over the road to the beach to enjoy a time of fellowship followed by plunging in to the sea for a swim. The Mediterranean is beautifully clear and a great temperature at this time of year.

During our morning service the next day we were blessed to hear a short testimony from Anna who had just joined her parents for a short holiday in the area. As most of you know, many of our regular congregation are fairly senior in years, and so it was a real delight to hear this vibrant young woman of God speak to us. Anna works with the PAIS Movement. Pais exists to spark a global movement where the primary concern is the Kingdom of God, and they are well equipped to advance it. Anna's work has been focused on building bridges between school and church, and has seen many young people brought to the Lord. Anna was a real blessing and we pray for God's favour on her life as she leaves for Ghana before the end of the month.

As Pastor Andrew opened up the church for our Sunday morning service in the middle of the month, he was greeted by pools of water on the floor and a huge damp patch covering two thirds of the ceiling, this was the result of a burst pipe in the apartment above us. However the occupants of the apartment were quick to appear and were eager to apologise and pass on insurance details, accepting full responsibility. They left after much hand shaking and lots of smiles, and so what at first appeared to be an unfortunate incident, served to build a closer relationship with our neighbours. The Lord works in mysterious ways ! The meeting with the residents association to discuss the disabled access was due to be held the next day and so the problem of the ceiling was discussed at the same time. Everything went in our favour, and by the time I finish this newsletter I hope to be able to give you a progress report on the building work.

  Breakfast in Bolnuevo.   Anna bringing a word.  
Our social gathering on the following Thursday evening was at the home of Richard and Sharon in La Azohia, the theme this time was a pool and BBQ evening, and a great time of fun and fellowship was had by all. These gatherings are a great opportunity to bring along family and friends who may not yet be Christians, and so introduce them, in a non-threatening environment, to what we are all about.

The following Sunday was “Missions Sunday” when we spent some time updating the congregation on the progress of Dr. Hazel during her time of healing, before focusing on encouraging people to sponsor a child at the Victory orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya. It was a real blessing to have Bill and Luke with us again, and many were touched by Bill's short testimony. At the end of the service Pastor Andrew prayed for 10 week old baby Daniel, the grandson of Richard and Linda.
  Richard speaking.   Praying for baby Daniel  
As has happened throughout the summer months, the Lord again blessed us with many visitors for our last Sunday service of August, to the point where we were starting to look for extra chairs. By the end of the month many of our visitors will have left, and those “regulars” who didn't brave the Spanish summer heat will have started to drift back. Things will start to get back to “normal”. But then again we don't really do “normal”.

Our final social gathering this month was for Roger's birthday party on Camposol. With very untypical August weather all day, thunder storms and heavy downpours, and an amber Gota Fria warning in force, we were undeterred, and a large crowd assembled in doors for a great night of good food, good fun and good Christian fellowship.

As promised earlier, I hoped to give you a progress report on the outstanding building work, but, in true Spanish fashion, after a great deal of work clearing and preparing the building, the builder arrived, glanced at the ceiling, scribbled a note, and then it was “Adios, see you next week”. And so the room had to be put back in order for the Sunday service and will have to be cleared again for next week. The saga goes on !!!!!!

Things are very different living here in Spain, but we are foreigners living in a foreign land, and we are learning to adapt to the Spanish way of life. This is a different culture with a very different way of doing things, and the many blessings far outweigh the petty frustrations that we sometimes encounter. We thank the Lord for the beautiful part if His creation that He has placed us in, and the many challenges He has laid at our door.

God bless.

Wellspring Victory Church.

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