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NEWSLETTER No. 49 - September 2012
September sees the return of many of those who fled back to the UK to escape the fierce heat of the Spanish summer, and what an exceptionally long, hot summer it has been.

As the locals return, so the visitors depart, and we settle down into a more routine Autumn and winter period. Although as I start to write, daily temperatures are still reaching well into the thirties.
  Fellowship over breakfast.   Pastor Andrew leading prayer over Puerto de Mazarron.  
Instead of returning to Church for a time of prayer after our monthly Saturday morning breakfast, this month we travelled the short distance to the statue of Jesus which sits on a high point giving wonderful panoramic views over Puerto de Mazarrón. From here Pastor Andrew led us in prayer for the town, and thanked the Lord for His provision, and for what we know He has planned for this beautiful part of Spain.

The following day, in our Sunday morning service, Blin lead the worship, bringing new songs which touched many hearts. Rachael read a powerful, moving poem which the Lord had laid on her heart to bring to the church. Pastor Andrew then ended the service by preaching on the prodigal son.

On Saturday 15th. a large crowd of us travelled to the home of Ken and Carol Robertson near Los Almagros for a wonderful social evening where we enjoyed a barbeque and were entertained by Dave Scott and his wife Debbie. Dave is an ex-member of the E.L.O. who many of you will remember as a very successful pop group in the seventies. With a mixture of rock 'n roll, old E.L.O. classics and some beautiful Christian songs that they had written themselves, we were given a real musical treat interspersed with short testimonies. Many of us had taken along non-Christian friends and neighbours, and all were touched by the evenings experience. A wonderful Christian witness.

It was good to see Cliff and Julia back in the worship team after their long stay in the UK and what a great time of praise and worship it was during our service on the 16th. A very moving service after which many went forward for prayer.This was the introduction the first of our series on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit which Pat shared with us and which we will continue to go through over the coming couple of months. You can listen to Pat's message and all this month’s messages by clicking on the links at the end of this newsletter.

The following Sunday Pastor Andrew prayed for Richard and Linda before they left for the UK and Pastor Wendy blessed us by singing a solo which she hadn't sung in church before. A beautiful song which touched many hearts.
  Pastor Andrew praying for Richard and Linda.   Pastor Wendy singing a solo.  
After the longest, hottest, driest summer for 70 years, the weather forecast for the week leading up to our barbeque in aid of the Victory Missions Safe House in Cambodia at the end of the month gave cause for concern. Those of you familiar with the area will be aware of a rare weather phenomenon called a Gota Fria, which is caused by a very specific combination of weather conditions. The forecasters told us that the conditions were ripe for the weekend, but, with much prayer, we were determined to press on. On the Friday, the day before the barbeque, the torrential rain started. The day was spent placing buckets and bowls around the villa and standing, white knuckled, with mop in hand. Nothing could be done to prepare for the next day’s festivities. In answer to prayer, the next day dawned bright and dry, and so preparations began in earnest. Then came the news that the bridge, which was the only link from our area of Camposol to the outside world, had cracked and was closed to traffic. Some 2000 homes, including ours, were cut off. Should we cancel? Should we organise the barbeque just for those stuck on this side of the bridge? Or should we have faith and go for it? Well we went for it! Then, just to add to the fun, about an hour before folk were due to arrive, the loo seat came off in my hand. Not to be deterred the problem was solved by the use of a couple of sturdy cable ties. (Nobody even noticed!). Many drove to the far side of the bridge, walked across and were picked up. Everyone who planned to be there made it. Thank you Lord. We had a great night, Cliff and Julia ran an open mike session and the weather remained calm and mild. Many non-Christian friends and neighbours came along and we were able to have a wonderful time of fun and fellowship whilst being able to give a great Christian witness and make many people aware of the plight of the precious children of Cambodia. To date we have raised 510 euros with a small amount still to be counted. Again, thank you Lord.

God bless,
Wellspring Victory Church.