The heart of Victory Churches International Missions is to rescue orphans and care for widows. Missions is not just a side line. This is for real.

God tells us in His word, Psalm 82 Vs: 3-4

You're here to defend the defenceless, to make sure that underdogs get a fair break; your job is to stand up for the powerless, and prosecute all those who exploit them.

Throughout the Victory family of churches the third Sunday of every month is "Missions Sunday", and here at Wellspring we dedicate part of our morning service to showing the video and distributing the magazine featuring the country selected for that month by VCI. This is usually followed by a short word on missions in general or any other relevant subject that is close to our heart.

This year, in addition to our regular monthly feature, we have been concentrating on supporting the Children's Orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya. Here many children find themselves without any living relatives, often orphaned due to AIDS. Or they have no relatives who care. They are destitute, vulnerable and often live by scavenging on garbage dumps. Their only home. These are children as young as 4 or 5. Victory Children's Homes latest initiative has been to take over a failing orphanage in Kenya, where these precious little ones can be taken in, washed, fed, kept safe and, most importantly, be loved. Something they have never experienced in their short little lives. They can be given hope.

At this tender age we have the opportunity to transform their lives, and to see them grow up knowing the love of Jesus. Yes, there is a huge mountain to climb, but we have a big God, and the evil of man will not prevail.

Without our help these little ones are destined to a life shaped by poverty, hunger, pain, neglect.

With our help their precious little lives can be shaped by love, care, security, a comforting arm, and a knowledge of the love of Jesus.

A number of churche3s including Wellspring are sponsoring a child and other general fund raising events are taking place.

The aim of Victory Missions is not just to give hand outs to bring temporary relief. We aim to lift these precious souls out of a life of poverty, abuse and humiliation and equip them to live a full, purposeful, independent life of their own. As Pastor Hazel often says, "We do not give them fish, we give them a hook and teach them how to catch their own fish."

Victory Missions are always looking for people with a heart big enough to reach out to the needy of the world. We need your prayers and your financial support.