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Choices, choices, choices... every day of our lives is absolutely filled with them, and some of the choices we will make will be excellent, some will be good, but others will be not so good and maybe even downright bad. Ultimately the outcome of the choices we make will decide on the sort of day we have and how we enjoy our lives; choices will even affect our lives for the long term and something we decide on today might change the path of our lives forever. I will give you the opportunity to choose to read on… right now.

For those who are reading on, let me explain further. We get bombarded with choices at the supermarket on what food to purchase, television advertising constantly tries to persuade us to change brands, from cars to banks and from washing powder to mobile phones. But what about the choices we are given that ultimately could really affect the way we live our lives and where a bad decision could have serious consequences for ever.

The idea for this article came from an incident I experienced while on holiday recently in Colorado, USA. My wife and I were staying with our family who have lived there for the past eleven years, and during our stay we fulfilled my lifelong ambition to visit Yellowstone National Park in northwest Wyoming. The six of us enjoyed a wonderful time, saw lots of wildlife and spectacular scenery and at the end of our visit we loaded everything back into our vehicle and set out on our nine hour drive across Wyoming, back home to Greeley, Colorado. After several tedious hours driving across the plains and getting stuck in slow moving traffic, my son who was driving, made a choice that would alter our journey home. Being a police trained driver and normally very careful, he saw an overtaking opportunity [at last], and put his foot down to pass the row of trucks ahead of us. The road ahead was clear for the next two to three miles and we were in a marked overtaking lane, but my son had not seen what was causing the traffic in front of us to be driving at the 65 mph road limit in this part of the State. As we passed the vehicle at the front of the queue, he realized that it was a State patrol vehicle towing another vehicle on a trailer, the blue light immediately came on and the officer pulled us over to the side of the highway. To cut a long story short, the mistake cost us a lot of time and cost my son valuable dollars out of his wallet and a recorded traffic violation.

You see, my son could have decided to obey the law and tucked in behind the last vehicle which was doing the speed limit, but his mind was on the hill in the distance and if he could only get past, we would not be slowed down further up the road. He made a choice which backfired badly and affected all of us who were with him. Our choices often do affect others as well as ourselves, so it’s important to choose wisely.

As I look back on my life, I know I have made some very good choices – like the woman I married 40 years ago, to have two great children who have been a blessing to us, to have formed Wellspring Victory Church in Puerto de Mazarrón and to have lived a life of ministering to people after committing my life to Christ at the age of 14; unfortunately, I have also dropped some real clangers that I am not proud of... I am sure we all have. I thank God that He has blotted out forever my disastrous mistakes.

Today we will have many choices to make… choices to love, to forgive, to accept, to help, to serve, to give, to bless and maybe to go the extra mile… I pray that you will make the right choices and more than all of the above, I pray that you will not find religion, but that you will find a true and blessed relationship with Jesus Christ who loves you more than you will ever know.